Data Management Public Statement

Ally Chatbot believes that the way it collects, manages and publishes data should comply with the best international human rights standards, particularly those that deal with privacy and data protection. Ally Chatbot upholds a three-way value proposition – where our users provides data in exchange for services or personal benefits, we manage that data both for its own use and for the benefit of others, and the wider public community where making specific data sets available will produce a measurable benefit top the wider public.

We are committed to managing data responsibly. We will hold it securely and control its use and access to ensure that our wider goals and values are sustained.

We will comply with domestic law and relevant international provisions on personal privacy in the way we hold and manage your data.

For the user, we will only keep and use your data if we believe that there will be a direct or indirect benefit to you as a customer. We may analyse the data you give us to understand your needs better and what further services we can provide you.

We will be transparent with users about any use of your data so users understand clearly what we are doing and why we are doing it. We are committed to explaining our policies in clear and accessible language. Users are welcome to give us feedback on any aspect of our policy or to specify that users don’t wish us to use our data.

Our products and services will change over time. In collecting and aggregating your data we may identify a new service we can provide you or a new benefit for the wider community. We will only manage or make a new use of users’ data if we believe that there will be a direct or indirect benefit back to users of our services. In such cases we will explain publicly and transparently our thinking. For more information about the standards we integrate into our business practices, please read our Privacy Policy.